Stephanie has been wonderful. I just purchased my second doodle from her this week. Beau is just as sweet as my Ruby. Training has already begun when you receive the puppies and they are very smart dogs. Stephanie answers any and all questions and responds quickly. I highly recommend the breed and this breeder. The whole process has been very positive both times. Thank you Stephanie. I promise to love and care for Ruby and Beau always.


Luka is a sweet, well adjusted pup & has been a wonderful addition to the family. Stephanie was amazing to work with, with great communication while we waited for him to be old enough for his forever home. I highly recommend!


As first time dog owners we didn’t know anything and anytime the first time around is a learning curve. You were very helpful and we felt like he was ‘ready’ and as trained as he could be. We thought everything went really well with the transition!


If you are considering welcoming a golden doodle into your home, look no further than Senn Doodles.  The whole process was so smooth.  I could not imagine a better puppy transition experience. Stephanie worked diligently with our little lady using the “Puppy Culture” method, and the results speak for itself. Nani had a great foundation of manding, leash training, crate training, and potty training before she ever stepped her paws into our home.  It made our job so much easier!  Also, Stephanie’s wealth of knowledge and willingness to answer any and all questions made us more confident to tackle the new puppy phase.  We love our newest addition, and we are thankful for all the hard work Senn Doodles put in.


I do not know of anything more you could have done. It's normal for her to miss all that she had known, but now she acts as if she owns our house and yard. She joyfully greets all of us. She feels at home now. I think you did an excellent job!


Well I have never been thru this process before but I have to say I believe it all went very well. You were very responsive and informative, answered all my questions and sold me an awesome dog. She is so sweet and well behaved and I believe that you had something to do with that. She has transitioned very well here with me. Thank you again so much.